Gloviid Educare provides EdTech for the economically underprivileged students

Own Correspondent 

Kolkata (December 29, 2022):- Gloviid Educare initiative bridges the learning loss through EdTech for economically underprivileged students from different areas and regions.

The company provides equitable, adequate EdTech access to the learners. The initiative is also supporting students with the necessary tools to bridge the learning gap caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
The initiative focuses on building student's confidence in interview, vocabulary, personality development and fluency in English.
There first course is online and offline both.
They take 24 classes over a period of 3 months with minimum fees.

Their aim is to promote equal learning opportunities for underprivileged people in the rural areas of India by providing high-quality training programs.

Innovative Courses :

We ensure our approach is interactive and relevant to the modern standard of learning English.

Top Instructors :

Most teachers in educational institutes are not well equipped to train the next generation due to limitations in their English proficiency and basic language knowledge.

Certified Professional Institute :

We are making the cost affordable by keeping the operating cost low to be accessible for underprivileged students.

Their mission is to develop a fully comprehensive curriculum relevant to the concerned candidate and plan lessons to offer high-quality training effectively.